Healthcare Management

Take charge of your healthcare by making sure you know how to work with your doctor and insurance companies on a range of important health issues.

Insurance & Bills

Understanding Your Medical Bills

Knowing how to read your medical bills can help you to budget and to ensure that you’re paying the right…

Resources for Affordable Prescription Medicine

Medicines can be expensive, but there are several assistance programs that might help you to get the prescriptions you need…

Health Insurance: Understanding What It Covers

Health insurance plans differ in terms of what they cover. All plans offered by the federal marketplace, however, must cover…

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Working With Your Doctor

Medical Marijuana

While doctors are investigating the pros and cons of medical marijuana, some research shows it may have a positive impact…

How to Treat Common Household Injuries

Cuts, scrapes, and even burns are common household injuries. Most of the time, these injuries are minor and can be…

Developing a Care Plan

Everybody has a health history. It’s important to record this history all in one place. This is done with complete…

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