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  • macrophage

    A large cell that engulfs and digests foreign material.

  • macula

    The central part of the retina with the highest density of light receptors. Responsible for detailed vision.

  • macule

    A discolored, flat spot of skin.

  • malady


  • malaria

    An infectious disease of the tropics characterized by high fever and chills. The fever typically recurs every third day. Some…

  • malignancy

    A tendency to worsen to a more serious illness or death. Commonly used to describe cancer.

  • malingering

    Deliberate exaggeration of the symptoms of an illness or injury for gain. For example, pretending to be ill in order…

  • malleolus

    The rounded bony prominence on either side of the ankle.

  • malleus

    A small bone in the middle ear, often called the hammer.

  • malnutrition

    Poor nourishment resulting from an inadequate or improper diet.

  • malocclusion

    Improper meeting of the upper and lower teeth.

  • malunion

    Improper healing of the pieces of a broken bone.

  • mammary

    Having to do with the breast.

  • mandible

    The lower jaw.

  • mania

    A mental disorder. Characterized by extreme excitement and energy.

  • manic-depressive

    A mental disorder marked by alternating periods of excitability and depression. Also called bipolar affective disorder.

  • marijuana

    A drug derived from the leaves of the Cannabis sativa plant. Makes the user feel euphoric.

  • marrow

    The soft, sponge-like material inside the bones.

  • masculinization

    Development of male sex characteristics in a female.

  • masochism

    Pleasure from personal, psychological or physical pain.

  • mastectomy

    Surgical removal of the breast.