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  • Paget's disease

    1. A type of cancer usually involving the breast’s larger ducts, areola and nipples. 2. A disease characterized by weakened…

  • palate

    The roof of the mouth.

  • palliative

    Controlling symptoms without curing the disease.

  • pallor

    Pale appearance of the skin.

  • palpate

    To feel with the fingers.

  • palpebra

    The eyelid.

  • palpitation

    A sensation that the heart is beating too rapidly or strongly.

  • palsy

    Inability to move parts of the body.

  • panacea

    A remedy for all diseases.

  • pancreas

    A gland located below and behind the stomach and liver that produces insulin and glucagon, the hormones involved in carbohydrate…

  • pancreatitis

    Inflammation of the pancreas.

  • pandemic

    A widespread epidemic.

  • panic

    A sudden attack of anxiety.

  • papilla

    A small nipple-shaped projection.

  • papilledema

    Swelling of the optic disk. May be due to an increase of pressure in the skull.

  • papilloma

    A benign tumor of the skin or mucous membranes. A wart.

  • papule

    A solid, raised skin lesion.

  • para-aminobenzoic acid

    PABA, a substance used in suntan lotion and used clinically to treat rickettsial diseases.

  • paracentesis

    Surgical removal of fluid from a cavity.

  • parainfluenza virus

    One of a group of viruses that cause a variety of upper respiratory diseases.

  • paralysis

    Inability to move parts of the body.